Tower Tech Cooling Towers

Tower Tech manufactures premium quality wet cooling towers for high value industrial processes, for power generation, and for comfort cooling applications. Our robust, non-corrosive Modular Cooling Tower™ has been specified by more than a thousand discerning users worldwide who demand the best in cooling tower efficiency, mechanical reliability, and redundancy.

Tower Tech provides the lowest KW/ton of any cooling tower on the market.

These energy savings are achieved through the use of a patented constant pattern, variable flow water distribution system which can respond to variable flow rates while keeping all of the fill media evenly wetted and in service.

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Tower Tech’s TTXL Series Modular Cooling Tower

The TTXL Modular Cooling Tower is a counterflow, mechanical-draft cooling tower designed to reduce installation time and costs, operating costs, worker safety, and tower maintenance. Individual cooling tower modules are available in sizes ranging from 155-882 tons, with modular ‘plug and play’ interconnectivity that allows a nearly limitless installation. The TTXL Series Modular Cooling Tower boasts the lowest life-cycle cost of any cooling tower.

Overall Life Expectancy of Fiberglass

Today’s resin systems and manufacturing methods certainly have improved, suggesting we set our goal for 75 – 100 years.

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