Maintenance and Repair Parts

Repair Service

Merion Pump can serve all of our customers’ in-field and in-shop repairs NOW … when you need them. Pick-up service, parts and full capability machining are available for all emergencies.

Instant Pumps

Merion Pump’s Instant Pump service offers our customers 24-hour “off the shelf” replacement pump shipment.

Parts Kits

Merion Pump’s Parts Kits, available “off the shelf,” offer our customers everything you need to complete repairs on the most often needed maintenance jobs in time-saving kit form.

Specialized Custom Services

  • Package System Engineering Fabrication
  • Quotations and on-site inspections
  • On-site energy audits
  • “Free Cooling” Systems
  • Energy Saving Replacement Systems for evaporative coolers

Complete Services on All Makes and Models


  • End suction
  • Split case
  • Regenerative turbine
  • Submersible sewage and sump
  • Column sewage and sump
  • Booster systems, constant pressure and variable speed
  • Boiler feed
  • In-line
  • Vertical turbine
  • Self-priming
  • Condensate
  • Mix flow
  • Propeller

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Tower Flo Filters

Cooling Towers

  • The Cooling Tower Company
  • Tower Tech
  • Water Technology Auto Tube Cleaners

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